Terra Organics actively strives to improve the quality of life of our customers by providing a service that supports their health, community and environment

How we do that, enumerated:


  1. Provide high quality, fresh organic produce to our customers
  2. Provide a service of convenience which eliminates the need to shop for seasonal, healthy food and monitor week to week market variations
  3. Provide our customers with a good value: a fair price for 100% organic and fresh produce
  4. Foster a relationship between consumers and producers
  5. Expand food horizons by introducing our customers to healthy, new eating experiences
  6. Contribute a worthwhile service to our community while at the same time supporting local agriculture and businesses
  7. Educate consumers on smart choices for their health, the environment and the economies of sustainable agriculture and local businesses
  8. Build awareness about issues of health, agriculture and sustainability
  9. To remain dedicated to GOOD FOOD: provide an opportunity for all to share in it!