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Weekly Specials

Green bell peppers have a slightly bitter taste in comparison to yellow or red bell peppers. They are excellent for stuffing, or adding to pastas or omelets.


$1.99 / lb.



Organic Daffodils

Celebrate the season by adding some Spring color to your home! These freshly cut daffodils from Ralph’s Greenhouse are certified organic and are just budding- put them in a vase with some clean water and watch them bloom!

Approx. 10 flowers per bunch. Color may vary slightly.

  • Certified Organic

$4.99 / bunch

Starvation Alley Cranberry Juice

100% pure cranberry juice. Cold pressed; no-spray, local cranberries. A delicious addition to sparkling water, smoothies, yogurt, and cocktails!

$8.79 / 16 oz. bottle

Featured Supplier: Wild Merman Foods

The staff is friendly and very helpful. I look forward to doing business with them for HEALTHY food. Very impressed by all that was in my first box.

LaDonna R.

I cannot say enough about how awesome they are! Their customer service goes above and beyond. The food is always fresh and delicious, and you can mix and match whenever you want.

Jen B.

Love love my box! Received my first one yesterday, oh boy everything is so fresh and good. The flavors are just great , as a chef I always look for great food items and I found my store!

Derya S.