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Weekly Specials

Vine Tomatoes

Hothouse tomatoes on the vine. Good color and flavor.

$ 1.99 / lb.



Tahomoa Farms Asparagus 

Succulent and tender asparagus spears are excellent roasted, on the grill, and added to pastas and salads.

$ 6.99 / lb.


Premium quality. Gold variety.

$5 each

Featured Supplier:

Vimana Culture Kombucha

Rhubarb Lavender and Meyer Lemon

delicious Springtime flavors are back!

The staff is friendly and very helpful. I look forward to doing business with them for HEALTHY food. Very impressed by all that was in my first box.

LaDonna R.

I cannot say enough about how awesome they are! Their customer service goes above and beyond. The food is always fresh and delicious, and you can mix and match whenever you want.

Jen B.

Love love my box! Received my first one yesterday, oh boy everything is so fresh and good. The flavors are just great , as a chef I always look for great food items and I found my store!

Derya S.