Storage and Preparation Tips: Grape Tomatoes, Baby Bok Choy, Concorde Pears

By February 14, 2012Storage and Preparation

Grape Tomatoes: Store at room temperature for up to one week. Tomatoes may be refrigerated to stop ripening process.

Baby Bok Choy: Store in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. It should be used within 2-3 days of purchase. Baby bok choy can be eaten raw in salads or veggie platters, shredded and added to casseroles or egg rolls, stir-fried, or added to soups and stews.

Concorde Pears: This is a pear variety that can be enjoyed during various stages of the ripening process. If you prefer a crisper pear, eat immediately; if you like a softer pear, wait a couple of days before consuming.  The coloring of Concordes varies only slightly as they ripen


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