Terra’s Biodegradable Bags

By January 5, 2012Terra Organics News

You may have heard that the bags you receive with your Terra Organics box are biodegradable. But what does that mean exactly?

Terra gets our bags from Aurora Packaging and they are in fact biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Aurora uses an additive from ECM Biofilms which allows the bags to break down completely when in contact with other decomposing materials. Our bags break down in compost bins, landfills, or even when buried in the ground. Terra bags can also be recycled along with regular plastic bags too. Further, because our bags aren’t starch based, they won’t degrade due to oxygen, heat, or sunlight. That means you can use your bags over and over for other uses like a compost bin, recycling or unique fashion statements

We’re proud to reduce our environmental impact with these fully Biodegradable bags and hope that you’ll help us be sustainable by composting or recycling your bags.


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