Terra Supports No Wal-Mart in Tacoma!

As far back as 2007, there have been discussion and speculation about Wal-Mart moving into Tacoma. Last year, the rumors came to fruition with Wal-Mart’s announcement to build a store on the site of the former Elk’s Lodge on Union ave. and South 23rd. This announcement has met major opposition in the thousands by concerned citizens who want to keep the big box store out of Tacoma.

There is a wealth of fantastic and informative information out there about why Wal-Mart in Tacoma (or anywhere for that matter) is a bad thing for people, cities, farms and out agriculture. Here are a few resources worth checking out:

We here at Terra Organics want to present our opposition to Walmart coming to Tacoma. We see Wal-Mart as being bad for eaters and bad for farmers. Here’s our official statement from owner, Dan:

As an owner of a small business and a resident of the City of Tacoma, I want to voice my opposition to Wal-Mart setting up shop in Tacoma.  Wal-Mart has an egregious history of treating its workers poorly and destroying competition and independently owned businesses.  Their model of selling cheap junk for less – especially highly processed, low-cost, high-caloric and nutrient deficient foods – is bad for our community and for the health of our residents.

To find out more about the fight to keep Wal-Mart out of Tacoma, check out the Tacoma United Against Wal-Mark facebook page and voice your support.

Tacoma cartoonist RR Anderson protest the site of the proposed Wal-Mart


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