Mustard Greens & Bulgur

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1 cup bulgur

2 tablespoons chopped walnuts

6 teaspoons walnut or olive oil, divided

2 shallots, chopped

1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic

1 bnch mustard, tough stems removed

1/3 cup chopped pitted dates

2-3 tablespoons water

4 teaspoons white-wine vinegar

1/2 teaspoon salt

Prepare bulgur according to package directions. Transfer to a colander and rinse under cool water; drain. Toast walnuts in a dry skillet over med-low heat, stirring, until lightly browned and fragrant, 2-3 min. Place 5 teaspoons oil and shallots in a large skillet over med-low heat. Cook until the shallots start to brown, 4-6 min. Add garlic and cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 15 sec. Add mustard greens, dates and 2 tablespoons water and cook, stirring occasionally, until the greens are tender and water evaporates (add more water if pan is dry before greens are tender), about 4 min. Stir in vinegar, salt and prepared bulgur; cook until heated through, about 1 minute. Drizzle with remaining 1 teaspoon oil, sprinkle with walnuts before serving. Eating Well, Jan 2008.


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