Terra Organics Experience Contest: Winning Entry #2

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Caroline S.’s Experience:

Baby Alexander at about 5 months, covered in applesauce.

Realizing that the first few months with a new baby were likely to be filled with exhaustion, last year we decided to order our first Terra Organics a few weeks before our baby arrived.  I cannot even begin to describe what a relief it was to know that every week, a substantial portion of our grocery shopping was already handled, with the added bonus of finding all kinds of fantastic seasonal produce at our doorstep. With a schedule that is pressed for time these days, it is great to have some really interesting (and new) recipes to try.  Everyone (baby included) ate Fettuccine with Rainbow Chard and White Beans last night, and a few weeks ago Summer Beets with Mint were a huge success.

As our child began to reach the age for solids, we decided to try a grain cereal first.  I made the cereal somewhat reluctantly, as it looked (and smelled) way too much like wallpaper paste to have any substantial nutritive value.  The processed portion of the “processed food” experience seemed to outweigh the food element.  None of this seemed designed to introduce a baby to real food with textures and taste.  Our son was even less thrilled.  I took one look at the pasty cereal in the bowl, glanced over at the fresh apples from Terra Organics in the fruit basket and decided to make a batch of homemade applesauce with cinnamon.  Within minutes the bowl was empty.  And our baby has become a very healthy, enthusiastic, and adventurous eater.  Pluots in the box this week?  They will be gone before our next order arrives.  Carrots?  He toddles around the playground with handfuls of cut up cooked carrots.  Grapes are sliced up and vanish.  Do you have any idea how many grapes a small child can eat in one sitting? We need to up our grape orders.  Zucchini cooked with pepper and onions?  He will eat them for days in a row.  Sliced cherries are taken to playdates, and gleefully shared with others.  Nectarines have been a favorite of late, and the discovery that pressing on a cube of watermelon or cantaloupe produces a juicy mess is apparently one of the great joys of childhood.

Our toddler now eats so much produce that a few months ago we switched over to the larger, regular box.  Our only request?  Could Terra start please a laundry service too?  We haven’t yet figured out how to successfully remove the beet stains, raspberry smears and crushed blueberries from his clothing.

Caroline S. and David W. were winners in our Terra Organics Experience Contest. Email etrotter@terraorganic.wpengine.com with your Terra experience if you want to share your it on our blog.


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