Terra Organics Experience Contest: Winners!

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Thanks to all who submitted to our first ever Terra Organics Experience Contest. After consideration of all of the entries, we decided to split the Grand Prize between two of our favorites. Congratulations to Kelly T. and Caroline S. You’ve both won a $100 coupon to the Terra Organics webstore as well as a free T-shirt from the Terra Organics mech shop. We’re so proud of our submissions that we wanted to share them. We’re always excited to hear about what your Terra Organics experience is like. So feel free to email us or let us know how you’re liking your boxes on Facebook.

Winning Entry #1 – Kelly T.’s Experience:

My name is Kelly and I have been a customer of Terra-organics for almost a year. I am a stay at home mom of four and much of my time is spent taking kids from here to there and keeping up with the house work. If I have to run an errand that means I would have to take all four out with me and that is just torcher. I have been trying to simplify my life. In doing that I have built up a food storage so I only have to go to the store every three months. It was the weekly stuff like getting bread, milk and fresh fruits and veggies that was making it hard. I was dreading those trips. So I went in search of a company or companies that delivered.

I was excited when I found Terra-Organics. Not only was I able to get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to my door but they were organic too. Now I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure about the pricing and what if something is wrong with the order, but I decided to test it out. My first box showed up and it was so nice to see that the produce not only arrived on time, was priced well but it looked amazing.  So I put it in the fridge and before I knew it my children had eaten it all. I couldn’t wait for our next box. When it should up again, on time and with everything looking nice I was hooked.

My children know that on Thursday our box will show up. It is like Christmas for them to see what new fruit or vegetable I am going to have them try or what did I order for the week. My husband loved when the kumquat’s were in season. I think the best story I have to share is of my latest box we just got.

We had been on vacation and when I got home I quickly got on-line to order our produce for the week. It wasn’t anything special just our normal type of order. But when we got it there was a HUGE surprise. I mean literally a HUGE surprise. Every week I order lettuce and each week it comes but this week when it came it was Gigantic. When I showed my kids it they all said “WOW that is Huge! What is it?” I quickly told them it was lettuce. The look on my youngest son when he held it up was awesome. (see photo). He could barely hold it up and it was bigger than his head.

Terra-organics has not only allowed me to not have to go out and do my weekly shopping but it has allowed me to introduce new items to my children and they eat it all up. We are all looking forward to our next shipment to see what kind of goodies or HUGE surprises will be in there.

We’ll share our other winning entry later this week! Email etrotter@terraorganic.wpengine.com with your Terra experience if you want to share your it on our blog.



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