Two updates this week from the news desk:

First, the Pierce County Council looks to de-designate 125 acres of prime Puyallup Valley agricultural lands at their October 18th council session. In a letter from Dan Roach, councilmember from District #1, he says, “approval of the plan amendment will result in the preservation of significant blocks of prime agricultural lands through conservation easements.  These conservation easements guarantee preservation of Pierce County farmland in a permanent way that cannot be modified though zoning or by future legislative actions.”

Apparently the irony of this statement is lost on him and the rest of the councilmembers that support this annexation/development of 125 acres of Agricultural Resource Lands (ARL) south of Highway 410 between Sumner and Bonney Lake. In essence he is saying that the council will prevent future councilmembers from doing exactly what the present council is doing: taking the designation of farmland away for the sake of development.

It’s not too late to let the council know how you feel. With a quick click here you can send an email to all councilmembers to let them know you do not want some of the best farmland in the country paved over.

On a related note, big agribusiness companies don’t want us to know that we’re eating genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Why? Probably because they know that means they won’t sell as many of their GMO crops to the manufacturers. Did you know that 75% of non-organic processed foods in the grocery store contain GMO’s? A signature-gathering movement is afoot in California to require GMO foods to be labeled as such and there’s a national movement as well. Click here to tell the FDA and President Obama you want GMO’s labeled.

Here are some of the highlights and specials for the upcoming week:

  • Last of the Yellow Doll watermelon from Tahoma (really this time)
  • Honeycrisp Apples at $1/each
  • Chanterelle Mushrooms, locally-foraged
  • The first winter squash of the year from Tahoma Farms

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