Next Week: Fall Classics and the Unofficial End to the Local Season

By October 27, 2011Terra Organics News

This next week marks the last week of the CSA season for Tahoma Farms, and we’d like to express extra appreciation to those that supported us through the Tahoma Farms box. 21 weeks ago our CSA contained Green Leaf and Romaine Lettuce, Baby Carrots, Spinach, Baby Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, French Breakfast Radishes, Leeks and Cilantro. (Not bad for the first week of June.) And we’ve come full circle, with this upcoming week featuring an array of fall veggies: Cauliflower, Butternut Squash, Celery Root, Sunchokes, Rainbow Carrots and Chard, Turnips, Parsnips and Green Kale.

It’s hard to believe that our growing season is really only five months long. Of course there are local vegetables available pretty much year-round but the challenge from here on out, as growers and purveyors, is to provide fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables with a good amount of variety between now and next summer. Season-extending techniques are out there, but they are often expensive and therefore don’t amount to a lot of production, volume-wise.

So it’s mostly roots and some greens from now until May Day; the first seeds of next season get planted around mid-February if we’re lucky. The only other planting between now and then is garlic – which we’re still not planting large quantities of until we get better at growing it – and cover crops, which aid in soil health and fertility and are a cornerstone of organic agriculture.

We’re humbled by the overall challenge of growing and distributing the food that we grow on our 40 acre farm, and this, our third year, has been the most difficult of the last three. Or maybe we say that every year, just as we redouble our efforts for the next season and the next round of changes for Terra Organics. We take a big, deep collective breath and then can’t help but get excited about what’s to come.


Here are some of the highlights and specials for the upcoming week:

  • Brussels Sprouts from Tahoma Farms, at $5.50 per pound
  • Red, Seedless Grapes at $5.75 for a two-pound bag
  • Chanterelle Mushrooms, at a sale price of $3.50 per 1/4 lb
  • Beautiful, tender Parsnips, $2.50 per pound

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