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Washington Organic Week! aka WOW! is a week long, statewide, celebration of Washington organic agriculture organized by Tilth Producers of Washington. The goal of WOW! is to connect consumers to Washington organic growers and products. WOW! provides the public with opportunities to learn more about the healthiest, freshest and most environmentally friendly food available.

Tilth Producers plans and executes the WOW! campaign in an effort to increase the public’s understanding about the value of organic agriculture to their health, to the economy and to the vitality of their community.

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Last week we highlighted the work of the PCC Farmland Trust and this week we want to tell you about the important work that Tilth Producers of Washington does to advance organic agriculture in this state.

Their flagship program is an annual grower’s conference which attracts businesses, educators, non-profits and farmers from across the state and beyond to gather and share the latest in organic farming techniques, trends and tales.  For some in the industry, it is the event of the year – an opportunity to relax and reflect after a long, hard growing season and to connect with friends and take new ideas back to the farm.

In addition, Tilth Producers publishes a quarterly journal, again with the goal of expanding the knowledge-base and teaching new techniques of the trade.  They have a placement service that works to connect new, aspiring farmers with established farms across the state.  And they develop policy, create marketing and promotional campaigns and host farm tours, in conjunction with WSU, as a way to further propagate the technical and practical know-how of farmers around the state.
We thank them for the work they do on our behalf.  If you’re inclined to support their work we will be including brochures in next week’s boxes and you, too, can be come a ‘friend of the farmer!’

Here are some of the highlights and specials for the upcoming week:

  • WA-grown melons of all shapes and sizes – a juicy and sweet classic summer treat!
  • First of the season NW-grown pears – choose from Bartlett or Tosca varieties
  • More delicious WA-grown yellow peaches – Sweet Dream variety this week!
  • Mediterranean delights – Eggplant, Basil, Peppers, Figs
  • Sungold and Sweet Million Cherry Tomatoes – enjoy the local tomato season while it lasts!

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