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By September 6, 2011Contest, Terra Organics News

Here at Terra, being able to provide families, businesses and everyone that loves organics with a selection of fantastic fruits and vegetables keeps us warm and fuzzy inside. We also love hearing about how much you’re enjoying your produce boxes and what you’re doing with ’em. We love it when you Yelp us, post something on our Facebook page or Tweet your love for Terra, which is why we wanted to offer a way in which we could reward you for sharing your Terra Organics experience.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Write an article or make a short video about an experience you had with Terra Organics (good experiences only please 😉 ). The more creative, the better chance you have at becoming a finalist. Your article/video may include:

    • Who you are
    • How long you’ve been getting produce from Terra
    • A recipe/cooking show starring you
    • Relevant photos in articles* (*bonus points)
    • What getting produce from Terra means to you
    • A funny story that relates to your produce box
    • Kids’/friends’/family’s reaction to produce box
  2. Email your article/video link (and any relevant materials) to by September 21, 2011 @ 5pm PST.

  3. Our panel will choose our favorite articles as finalists and post them on our blog over the following week.

  4. YOU vote for you favorite article.

  5. The top three voted submissions receive fabulous prizes.


2nd Runner-Up: A Terra Organics T-Shirt of your choosing

1st Runner-Up: $50 Credit (2 weeks of FREE standard boxes) & a Terra Organics T-Shirt of your choosing

GRAND PRIZE: $200 Credit (2 MONTHS of FREE standard boxes) & a Terra Organics T-Shirt of your choosing

We’re extremely excited to learn more about your Terra Organics experience. Whether you’re interest in participating in this competition or not, we always want to know how our produce is treating you. Email if you ever have any comments.

We can’t wait to see your submissions!! (If you have a question about the competition, please let us know in the comments.)



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