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By September 22, 2011Terra Organics News

One of the first orchards we worked with from Eastern Washington, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet, Jeff and Jeanette Herman from Cliffside Orchard have been growing in Kettle Falls, WA since 1982 (they hold WSDA Organic Certificate #30).  We used to get apricots and peaches before the fall fruit – and in a good year, we may again in the future – but this year it all sold on the east side of the state.  Good for them but bad for you and me.  This year they have lots of extra Gala, McIntosh and Empire apples and Bosc and Bartlett pears.  Next week it’s Galas and Bartletts.

It’s a time of transition here at Terra Organics.  We have two goodbyes to say in the next two weeks:

Billy has been part of our team for only a few short months, a summer job between University of Puget Sound and graduate school at UW.  He was a great utility guy, doing 90% of the farm runs throughout the summer and wholesale deliveries and putting orders together.  Good luck, Billy!

Sadly, next week is Rebecca’s last week at Terra.  With us for a little more than a year, she was a great addition to the office staff and has ably and professionally handled most of the emails and phone calls that come into us.  We wish her the best in her new pursuits in Costa Rica (!) and will also be looking to find a replacement in the coming weeks.  If you have experience in customer service, and would like to be a part of our team, please email a resume and brief letter of introduction to

Both Billy and Rebecca will be helping out at Tahoma Farms for this year’s HarvestFest on Saturday, October 1st.

Here are some of the highlights and specials for the upcoming week:

  • Tahoma Mini Cantaloupe!  Only $2.25 each
  • Tahoma Cherry Tomatoes!  Only $2.75 per pint
  • more Tahoma Tomatoes by the case!  10# cases available for $15
  • Kiwi Berries, Asian Pears and more great Plums and Pluots, all from the Northwest

If you have an order scheduled for this upcoming week, you will receive an email notifying you when the web store has been opened for your delivery day.

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