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Over the past few years, a lot of people have pushed to get local, fresh produce into meals at public schools. Far less attention has been focused on kids in childcare programs. That effort is finally underway.

The Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Project, funded by a federal grant awarded to Seattle Human Services Department by way of Public Health, increases the availability of healthy foods and children’s physical activity in child care, after-school programs, and Early Childhood Education and Assistance (ECEAP) Programs.

HEAL has implemented the “Farm to Table Child Care Pilot Project” which links farmers and early learning and after-school providers to increase healthy meals and snacks in their programs. Terra Organics was chosen to participate and we are pleased to be entering week 4 out of 8 delivering to daycares in underserved areas in South Seattle. We have been working closely with Karen Mauden from the Puget Sound Food Network who is facilitating the partnership and who is responsible for bringing Terra Organics to the attention of the project administrator Natalie Thomson, of the Seattle Human Services Department.

This past week, we were pleased to learn that the pilot project had made the radar of Dr. Ursula Bauer, Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) Director of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  On Tuesday, Dr. Bauer visited a King County family child care provider participating in the eight week pilot program so she could see the delivery and reception of fresh produce from Terra Organics firsthand.

Healthy eating is a key factor in disease prevention, and Natalie Thomson hopes that while the grant money won’t supplement food budgets, it will at least spark some conversations about healthy habits.

“The hope is that this will ignite people’s passion and people will see that perhaps this is something I can do,” she says. “We know it’s important to make the healthy choice the easy choice. So, as a disease prevention strategy it’s crucial that we do this.”

We are offering a new organic coffee this week as whole bean as well as ground for those of us who don’t like the sound of a coffee grinder first thing in the morning after we stumble into the kitchen. It’s a Brazilian bean cultivated in the mountains near Araponga, Brazil by Carlos Sérgio Sanglard, a committed conservationist and who believes that in preserving nature by growing organically he can also preserve the health of his co-workers and the people who drink his coffee.

From Carlos’ Coffee plantation, Fazenda Serra do Boné, we are receiving a highly pedigree’d former Cup of Excellence winner tasting of rich, creamy cocoa, dark raspberry and truffle. Expansive depth and pleasant light acidity make for a fantastic single-origin espresso, among other things. When you look for this item in the webstore under ‘more stuff’, be sure to note that there are two coffee items- one for whole bean, one for ground.


Wish you could pick up your Terra Organics box in downtown Tacoma? We’ve added Smooth and Juicey as a community pick-up point on Mondays between 1:00 pm and 5:45 pm for folks who want their deliveries at the beginning of the week.  Receive 10% off your order when you pick up your box at this location, and have an excuse to drink one of their delicious smoothies. You can switch to this location from within your Terra Organics account, or reply to this email and we will make the switch for you.


Here are some of the highlights and specials for the upcoming week:

  • Joanna Sweet Peaches from Goosetail Orchards (WA)
  • Tahoma Cherry, Slicer, and Green Tomatoes
  • First of the season Black Mission Figs
  • Black, Red, and Green Grapes now available in 2 lb bags
  • Tahoma Farms Celery, Cucumbers, Radishes, Leaf Lettuce – ’tis the season for salads!

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