Thundering Hooves Go Silent

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News of the demise of Thundering Hooves, an organic, grass-fed beef ranch in Walla Walla, was received with equal parts sadness and disbelief.  Joel Huseby was a model spokesman for the organic movement and his family’s cattle-raising/beef-processing/self-distribution model was the real deal.  And when Joel unveiled his abbatoir (a 53 foot semi-truck trailer converted into a meat processing unit) in May of 2007, there was no reason to doubt that he would successfully build lots of them and ship them around the country as he intended to do.  The consolidation in the meat industry had left small to mid-size farmers without a network of USDA certified processing facilities and Joel had a great solution that was being replicated across the country, including right here in Pierce County.

When times were good it seemed that everywhere I turned there was another story about Joel or another restaurant featuring his steaks or burgers.  And why not?  They had great beef, they had a great story, and they were pioneers in all aspects of the good food movement.

I know Joel from our time spent on the Tilth Producers of Washington Board together.  He was an early mentor and, though I haven’t talked to him in a couple of years, he was a good businessman and an eternal optimist.  Only those close to him know the details of the closure of the business, but I have my thoughts about it and, the truth is, it hits too close to home.

It’s been said that a contributing factor to them going out of business was too rapid expansion.  It wasn’t the growth of the business that happened too quickly, in my opinion, but the contraction they experienced over the last three years amidst the recession.  Expensive, organic meat is surely one of the first things a household is going to eliminate when cutting back on spending.

But an organic farmer can’t switch to non-organic grass to feed his cows when the rest of the marketplace adjusts.  Sure, every business has to adapt to a weaker economy.  But it just doesn’t seem fair when you are talking about a small, organic meat business, already up against powerful, entrenched interests, suffering a fatal blow because of a short-term demand problem.

The point is, the good food movement couldn’t afford to lose Thundering Hooves and, as much as we’d like to think that the producers we love are here to stay, it’s a lot more uncertain than that.  This is why it’s extremely gratifying for us to receive your continued support, week in and week out. Because without it, it would be a very uncertain future indeed.

We sincerely thank you.

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