Oh, we were so close. (Payment System Update)

By December 17, 2010Terra Organics News

The data migration was smooth and the web store was being populated with all of our standard add-ons and more for the holidays.  We had the transition letter drafted, and inserted into this space with the email scheduled to go out at 3pm.  And then, at the moment of the last configuration piece, a hiccup!

So, we will be back next week with the debut of the new system.  In the meantime:

  • We have setup a form that can be used to submit add-on orders for your holiday meals.  Please click here to order. Please note: all add-on orders must be received by 10am Monday morning, regardless of your delivery day.



PS.   Still Looking for that perfect gift?  Order a Terra Organics gift certificate today and share the joy!  We can email the gift certificate to you or mail it directly to the recipient.


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