Important Update: New Order System on the Way

By December 10, 2010Terra Organics News

Before we can pack our bags for Australia in March, there are some critical updates we are making at Terra Organics beginning today.  We have begun the long-awaited transfer of member data into a new platform that will create a much better user-experience, as well as offer increased customization of orders and, in the near future, give us the ability to expand our selection of fruits, vegetables and other farm-fresh products.

We will use the next ten days to transfer all data into the new system.  During this time, access to your account will be restricted, so if there are changes you need to make to an order or anything else that you would normally login to your account to complete, you will need to email us instead.  The best email address is

There will be new payment options including ACH (bank-to-bank transfers) and, in the New Year, a pre-payment enrollment period with discounts for larger payments.  (These early pledges, or pre-payments on future deliveries, are what allow the farm to make it through the winter, buy seeds and equipment for the 2011 growing season, and, at the same time, offer a great discount to those that can commit to our services in advance.)  For security reasons, we will not be transferring any credit card information from the old system to the new.   This will present a challenge over the next few weeks as we work to update billing information for all of our members.  We will send out instructions for how to update your billing preferences as soon as the information is available to us.

This transition represents two years of waiting – including one failed attempt at a new system last year – and a chance for us to partner with a team of software developers and farm advocates that have developed a product specific to our industry.  We know that there will be some speed bumps along the way, but we hope for a mostly smooth transition and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  We will come out on the other end able to offer a better user-experience, better customer service, and an overall better product.


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