Dish of the Week: Roasted Beets, Potatoes, and Parsnips

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1 pound potatoes

3/4  pound of beets

1/2 pound of parsnips

about 1 tsp sea salt

lemon zest of one lemon

1 tbsp green or pink peppercorns

small handful fresh basil, chopped (or about 2 tbsp dried basil)

cold-pressed olive oil (or nut oil like walnut)

Pour a healthy dollop of oil over the veggies and toss. Then sprinkle a good fat pinch of salt over the roots, half the lemon zest, the peppercorns half smashed, the basil, and give another few tosses to make sure the vegetables are coated. Pop in the oven and roast about 30-45 minutes. Stir the vegetables every once in a while, maybe every fifteen minutes or so to make sure they all get roasted. When the potatoes look golden, the roots are done. When you pull them out sprinkle the remaining lemon zest over the vegetables. Adapted from


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