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By July 29, 2010Local News

It’s safe to say that we look forward to this week more than any other over the course of the year.  When we added the Pacific Northwest Box 18 months ago, at the suggestion of one of our longtime customers in Buckley, we weren’t entirely sure that we were up for the challenge.  Seasonal eating becomes more difficult the further you live from the equator.  So, with some reservations about whether we could pull it off and uncertainty about what sort of reception it would receive, we added the “local only” box as a way to challenge ourselves, and those that wanted to eat with the seasons and as close to home as possible, to see what it would take.

And in the middle of winter – when the only variety that we can offer is to alternate between rutabagas and turnips, apples and pears – we always have one eye to the summer when virtually all of our produce is sourced from local farms.  And so this week marks the convergence of the Pacific Northwest box and the Small box, as every item in both boxes is from Washington this week.  And this is only the beginning.  If last year was a good indication, it will be November before we see the two boxes taking a divergent path again until next summer.

We hope you enjoy the variety and selection of our freshest, most local produce of the year.


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