What a difference a week makes.

By June 24, 2010Terra Organics News

Last Thursday at this time I spoke to Jeff Miller (chef turned organic farmer from Willie Greens in Monroe) and he said it was quite possibly the worst year that he has seen in his 25 years on the farm: 5 flats of berries a week vs 250 last year; 20% germination in the chard and spinach, leaving whole beds virtually empty; wet, soggy ground and no change in the weather on the horizon.

And it was doom and gloom on our farm as well.  The productive spring we had came to a screeching halt as our list of crops ready for harvest shrank to just a handful and the quantity available was way down.  Stuff just hasn’t been growing for the last month!  It’s scary (still) to think that a lousy summer around here can wipe out a farm’s income for the year.  (That should offer a little insight into why we started Terra Organics in the first place…)

Looking back at last year’s newsletters, by the second and third weeks of June we were already into local cherries, broccoli, summer squash, beans(!).  Yet last week the availability of local produce was so wiped out we only had  bunched spinach in the small boxes.

So with the warming this past week, things have started to grow again and Eastern Washington is finally coming on with some fruit.  It looks like all is not lost yet, but we’re still not out of the dark.  It’s going to be an interesting summer for everyone growing food out there.

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