Eggs Are Back! Woot!

By June 17, 2010Terra Organics News

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Eggs are back – and cheaper, too!  $4.50 per dozen for Stiebrs Large Brown Organic Omega-3.  If you had Terry’s eggs as part of your standing order, they have since been deleted from your list of add-ons.  Stiebrs eggs are now listed as an add-on for one-time or ongoing delivery.

The partnership with Hama Hama Oysters is coming along and we’ve devised the ordering and tracking system necessary to add these to our network.  For the first round of deliveries, we will leave the order form open all week, meaning that any order placed between now and next Friday at noon will be for delivery the week beginning June 28.  Beginning next week we will have to shorten the window for ordering to roughly 24 hours.  Specifically, we will only be able accept orders for the upcoming week through noon on Friday.  At the same time, we will provide a link for you to place an order for the following week, so that if you miss the cutoff for your next delivery you can make sure you get your order in for the following week.  It’s more confusing than we’d like, but these orders are being custom-filled and we need exact numbers for an entire week’s worth of deliveries the Friday before.

So, here’s what you can order by clicking here:

  • The weekly pick, $20 (This week, 2 dozen raw oysters)
  • Pound of clams, $7
  • Dozen Raw Oysters, $10

Each order will be packed with gel-packs, transported in coolers and sealed for freshness.  We will assess a $5 charge for any packaging not returned to us at the time of your next delivery.


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