What? What? Terra T-Shirt Contest!

By May 17, 2010Contest

Greetings Organic Eaters! It’s time to show your Organic pride by participating in the Terra T-Shirt Contest. We’ve made announcements about this before, but there’s still opportunity to participate. We’re giving away TWO WEEKS OF ORGANIC PRODUCE. How do you participate? It’s quite simple.

1. Go to our Terra Zazzle Gear page and pick out your favorite T-shirt design.

2. When your shirt arrives, put it on and snap a photo celebrating organics.

3. Post your photo on our facebook page or email it to etrotter(at)terra-organics(dot)com.

The first one to complete all of the steps wins!

As mentioned, this contest has already been going on for a couple weeks and considering we haven’t received any photos yet, you have a fantastic chance to win! Think about it, for the price of displaying your organic pride, you’ll be awarded with two boxes of produce. Help us spread the word of organics and get zazzling.

Bonus Points: Suggest in comments or send in a new design idea and if we use your idea you’ll win an exciting bonus prize.


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