Storage & Preparation: Asparagus, Baby Bok Choy, Raspberries

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    Asparagus: Store stalks, unwashed, with bottoms wrapped in a damp paper towel, in the crisper section of the refrigerator.  Asparagus is best eaten within 1-2 days of purchase.

  • Baby Bok Choy: Store unwashed and wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator.  Use within 2-3 days for best flavor and freshness.  Baby bok choy can be added to salads, stir-fries, and soups, and sautéed, braised, or eaten raw.
  • Raspberries: Store unwashed in their container in the fridge.  Raspberries are highly perishable and should be eaten as soon as possible.  Wash before eating.

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