Standing Against Discrimination

By May 20, 2010Activism, Ask Dan

Seldom do we feel compelled to take one side or the other on any partisan issue of the day.  Most of the time our promotion of good food, family farms and organics is non-partisan.  But when an industry is under attack – more specifically, when the people that make up an industry are under attack – we feel it is our duty to take a stand in defense of the injustice.
Proponents of the new law in Arizona call it a “common sense” approach to the issue of illegal immigration: if you’re in this country illegally, you should be deported.  Fortunately, for the sake of this conversation, we don’t even even need to consider this – the crux of the issue that needs to be addressed at a national level.

And that’s because the new law in Arizona is state-sanctioned discrimination.  If the problem was on our northern border, and white Canadians and other non-American whites were jumping the border, it would be obvious that a similar law that called for the detention of any person suspected of being in the country illegally would be absurd.  Or, more accurately, it would be useless because how could one distinguish between an illegal Canadian and a legal American?  But because there’s no confusion that in Arizona they are targeting illegal-aliens from Latin America, anybody with brown skin and that speaks Spanish is a suspect, a target, of the law.  And that is the definition of discrimination.

As a matter of principle, we reject discrimination.  And for the millions of legal, brown Americans in this country – including the thousands of farm-workers that put food on our table – we stand behind you.


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