Celebrate Organics with Terra Gear!

It’s here. The Official Terra Organic merchandise store! Now is your chance to show off your Organic-Pride with a Terra Organics or Tahoma Farms shirt, cooking apron, hat, coffee mug, and more. Even better is that our store offers some Organic cotton options.

Fan Photo Contest

We’re so excited about our new store that for the first person to send in/or post on our facebook page a photo of themselves decked out in Terra Gear will receive their next TWO DELIVERIES FOR FREE.

Take a look at some of our designs below and head over to http://www.zazzle.com/terraorganics for your favorite and a chance to win!

How to Win

Step 1: Purchase your favorite item from our gear store: http://www.zazzle.com/terraorganics

Step 2: Sport the item and show off your Organic Pride for a photo

Step 3: Send that photo in to etrotter (at) terra-organics (dot) com or or post on our facebook page

Step 4: The first person who completes Steps 1-3 wins their next two deliveries for FREE.


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