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By March 4, 2010Terra Organics News

Based upon some comments we received from our recent customer survey, we know that you may have an interest in knowing where Terra Organics fits into the local organic farming and food scene.  So, a couple of high points:

  • In 2008, Pierce County had a total of just eight certified organic farms, totaling 885 acres.  Just two farms, both dairy farms, represent more than 2/3 of this total.  With the purchase last year of 40 acres in Orting, our farm, Tahoma Farms, is the largest  organic farm, excluding dairies, in Pierce County.
  • In 2006, 19 cents of every dollar spent in the US on food went to the farmer; the rest went to the processor, the wholesaler, the trucker, the retailer.  We return at least 50 cents of every dollar you spend to the farms we purchase from directly.  And in the summer months, 90% of our produce is purchased directly from the farmer.
  • There are more and more CSA and “produce box” programs springing up every year.  Terra Organics is, in our estimation, the fourth largest in the state.

We strive to grow our business for the sake of having a larger impact on the health of our local economy, farmland preservation, the future of farming, the environment – in short, the viability of small-scale, organic agriculture.

To this end, we value your efforts to spread the word about Terra Organics.

We have been adding new customers at a breakneck pace over the last two months, with an average of more than three new sign-ups per day!  This means that we now need to devote more of our land to production this year and buy more produce from area farmers.  Great things if, like us, you think that local farms and local food is important!

So, thank you.

The referral program where you get $5 off your next delivery in addition to the $5 off your friend/neighbor/family member receives when she signs up is going on for another 10 days.


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