Terra Organics is excited to announce our new partnership with the Puget Sound Food Hub. The Puget Sound Food Hub is a network of farms and partners operating cooperatively in the Puget Sound region to market, aggregate and distribute locally produced food from farm to restaurants, hospitals, preschools, grocery stores, universities and more.


Connecting to a growing network of North Puget Sound farmers will allow us to provide a wider selection of locally grown foods in our web store. The model of the Hub allows producers to set their own prices each week for the products they have available, in the quantity they have available, and to fill orders on demand. That means the freshest possible food for you at the price the farmer needs to sell it at.

In addition to being a customer of the Food Hub ourselves, we are recruiting new customers and new farms that want to take part in this exciting local foods distribution model. Please visit the Puget Sound Food Hub website and follow the steps to become either a buyer or seller. (This is for wholesale customers only. To sign up for residential delivery service from Terra Organics for your home click here.) Once you have an established account with the Puget Sound Food Hub, please contact us at Terra Organics to arrange the logistics of delivery to our warehouse in Tacoma or for us to deliver product to you.

Terra Organics’ role in building and strengthening the Food Hub’s regional presence is twofold. Our experience in distribution and logistics allows us to be a prime contributor to getting more local food to more communities, and our Downtown Tacoma location is ideally suited as a site for aggregation. It is our goal to bring farmers, and other producers, from all around Puget Sound together by providing a place and means to get their product to more places.